Service Integration

Sintegral is an Australian based IT consulting company that is focused on the integration of your IT services, suppliers and systems. Whilst most companies have traditionally focused on systems integration, many now also recognise the importance of service integration and the coordination of the way multiple suppliers provide support for their IT systems. Experience has proven that aligning these aspects of IT services creates a more effective and efficient outcome - more effectively supporting business demands.

With the trend towards cloud computing, the necessity for the clarity and alignment of roles and responsibilities is more critical than ever. The cloud business models are compelling but they must be engaged with the appropriate design rigour to avoid the sorts of high profile business impacts that have been seen in recent times. If you are looking for pragmatic advice on integrating governance of cloud computing with the overall operational governance, Sintegral can help you.

The Supply Chain of IT

There are many terms used for the concept of "the supply chain of IT" including:

  • Multi-Supplier Service Integration
  • Multi Supplier Integration (MSI)
  • Service Management Integration (SMI)
  • IT supplier Enablement

Sintegral has extensive experience in integration of "the supply chain of IT" with national companies such as Bovis Lend Lease, Westpac and Qantas as well as international companies such as General Motors.

IT Architecture and Service Management Model

Whatever your IT goals, Sintegral can assist you to plan and deploy your IT Architecture and Service Management model. We have skills to assist you with the alignment of the People, Process and Technology dimensions necessary to achieve the IT and business outcomes you are seeking.

Whether you are looking for a review of your current IT environment, planning a change or starting with a green field for a new system - Sintegral has the experience to assist you with the strategy and architecture.

Transition and Transformation Initiatives

All changes to IT systems or services require effective transition and transformation plans. Sintegral has broad experience in planning and delivering these types of transition and transformation initiatives, along with experience in the governance they require.

Strategies, Architectures and Implementation Plans

Sintegral's philosophy is to create strategies, architectures and implementation plans that are based on demonstrated successes and are practical and deliverable. Across all services we consider not just the technology dimension but the people and process dimensions to ease the transition impact and provide maintainability.

Consulting and Architectural Services

Contact Peter McKenzie at Sintegral on +61 2 9416 8885 to discuss your consulting and architectural needs in our following areas of expertise:

  • Mutli-Supplier Service Integration, including sourcing strategy
  • IT Service Management (ITSM) and operations
  • Enterprise IT architecture
  • IT infrastructure architecture

Services integration improved the efficiency and ability of our company to respond to customer requirements.